It is a broad offer adapted for an individual tourist, a tourist with the family, or organised groups, but first of all it is suitable for the business customer. The level of offered services is high and broadened according to growing needs on the tourist market. For our guests we offer the following facilities:

  • Car park
  • Jeep
  • Bar
  • Meeting hall (audio-visual equipment)
  • Horses (ride on the horseback, an instructor of the horse riding)
  • Sleigh
  • Britzskas
  • Boats
  • Playground for children
  • Courts (the basketball, the volleyball)
  • Mountain bikes
  • Restocked ponds
  • Lakes
  • Mini-zoo
  • Massages (treatments for Women and Men)
  • Sauna
  • Trips (there is a possibility of organised trips up to a distance of about 100km)
  • Wild animals' watching.

About the region:

  • Elbląg channel - only two channels in which the system of ramps was used have been built in the world. The total length of the watercourse is 127.5 km, and its considerable part is running through beautiful regions. The ramps surrounding the landscape and passed stone or concrete bridges are attractive parts of the channel.
  • Stańczyki - Mazurian "aqueducts" they are famous, twin concrete bridges, of architecture resembling the Roman aqueducts. They have over 200m length and their arcades of 30m span are rising to the height of 36m. They are rated among the highest train bridges in Poland.
  • Gierłoż - Wolfish Earthwork, most famous of the Mazurian war lodgings, served Adolf Hitler. The largest bunkers had unimaginable thick walls without windows and seven-metre ceilings of the reinforced concrete. In January 1945 German sappers, using hundreds of tons of the explosives, blew up all bunkers and buildings.
  • Swieta Lipka - the sanctuary on stilts. It is a beautiful and elegant 18th century building, hidden amongst the greenery and superbly integrated with the landscape. Unusually spectacular frescoes and polychromes are decorating the church, as well as sculptures in stone and wood, oil paintings on canvas, goldsmith's artefacts and products of the artistic metalwork and locksmithing, rarely seen in such abundance. Baroque organs are impressing and unusually interesting. A quadrilateral of galleries with the gates leading to the courtyard is surrounding the temple. Most interesting is the main gate which is one of the most elaborate artistic metalwork works ever seen in Poland.
  • Gietrzwałd welcomes with a beautiful panorama of Warmian houses built of red brick, grouped together around the high tower of the sanctuary. The divine revelations God's Mother in 1877 were the greatest event in its history. Crowds of pilgrims from the country and foreign countries pray in front of the beautiful altar, and leaving they do not forget to take the water from the miraculous small spring - some as souvenir, others counting for the health improvement.
  • Olsztyn - a Museum of Warmia and Mazury is located in the castle rooms. Mikołaj Kopernik stayed in the castle in years 1516 - 1521 at intervals. The collections of paintings and the exhibit items connected with the person of the astronomer are displayed in his chamber.
  • Mrągowo - international festival of the country music takes place in July.
  • Reszel
  • Kętrzyn
  • Lidzbark Warmiński
  • Frombork
  • Olsztynek

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